Thursday, October 17, 2013

Remove Delete Special option from SCCM console

I found this TechNet forum post interesting on which the SCCM team wants to control their engineers from using Delete Special. Though you can set Role based permission to engineers, there are cases where mistake happens by experienced engineers or when people unwittingly delete machines. 

The 'Delete Special' option comes with the SCCM product, and here is how Christjan Schumann explained in the forum post with steps to remove the option from the SCCM console. 
  • Make a backup and then edit "SCCM\AdminUI\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot\adminconsole.xml" file.
  • Search for lines containing: DisplayName="DeleteSpecialAction". You will find 3 matches. 
  • All of them are parameters of "ActionDescription" tag and 2 of those matches should be removed from XML (from start tag to end tag ).
  • To remove "Delete Special" option from context menu of root level collections: delete lines 7787 to 7807.
  • To remove "Delete Special" option from context menu of child level collections: delete lines 8529 to 8549.
The above line numbers are valid in original SP2 adminconsole.xml. They might differ if you've customized it before.

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