Friday, April 26, 2013

All about Branch Distribution Points on SCCM 2007

Recently I came across many issues related to "Branch Distribution Points" on SCCM 2007 and was on a search for more documentation on BDP. I hereby sharing my search results which might be beneficial for my future search as well for others.

  • Carol Bailey on TechNet blog has documented some most valuable information about BDP: 

FAQs for Branch Distribution Points:

  • TechNet Article by PaddyMaddy

DP VS Secondary Site VS BDP - In SCCM 2007 vs SCCM 2012

  • Carlos Santiago on TechNet blog has given additional information on Refreshing vs Updating a package on BDP: 

How do we refresh a package located on a Branch Distribution Point? 

Other Useful TechNet articles about BDP:

Choose Between a Standard and Branch Distribution Point 
About On-Demand Package Distribution 
How to Prestage Packages on a Branch Distribution Point 

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