Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Package/Task Sequence - Created, Modified or Deleted

Last week I had created 3 Task Sequences on our SCCM 2007 Primary server and had also taken snapshots of them for documentation. Today when i logged in the SCCM server, the Task Sequences were found missing. Guess me or someone has mistakenly deleted it.

How to find details about a created, modified or deleted Packages or Task Sequences.??

In the SCCM'07 Primary Server, under System Status, choose the built-in "Status Message Queries" option.

On the right-side pane click choose and run the "Packages Created, Modified, or Deleted" query.

This report will be useful to monitor Changes to Task Sequences or Packages.

"Status Message Queries" is a good feature that i rarely used. No doubt I'll make use of this good option here-after..
Reference link to all find list of all default ConfigMgr 2007 Status Message Queries:

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