Thursday, January 27, 2011

DFS Replication: What’s new in Windows Server™ 2008

* SYSVOL Replication – Now on DFSR
     - One of the coolest features in Windows Server™ 2008 (domain functional level) is – DFSR can now be used for replication of the SYSVOL share between domain controllers.
* DfsrMig.exe – migrate SYSVOL replication from NTFRS to DFSR
* Performance gets a boost
     - 1.    “Over-the-wire” enhancements: RPC Asynchronous Pipes:
         2.       Server-side performance tweaks:
         3.       Algorithmic Enhancements:
* Improved Dirty Shutdown Recovery
* And … an old ‘formula’ is retired!
     - In Windows Server™ 2003 R2, there was a scalability limit defined by the below formula. The blog post which explains this in detail can be found here

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